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Welcome and thanks for stopping by, I hope that what you've seen of Lifestyle Business Expert so far has been educational and helpful if you have aspirations of leaving the rat race and building a life that puts you in control of your destiny. I've put together this page to provide some context about why LBE exists, who's behind it and what the overall vision is for the future.

So let's get started shall we…

Who's behind Lifestyle Business Expert?

Stefan Dyke | Lifestyle Business ExpertAt the time of writing (June 2016) the main driving force behind Lifestyle Business Expert is me, Stefan Dyke, the bloke smiling away in the picture to the right there. In brief, I am an experienced digital consultant who has spent 20+ years delivering customer centric solutions for blue chip companies which all sounds pretty technical or like something you read on a CV.

In simple terms it means I have designed and helped to deliver web and mobile solutions used by hundreds of thousands of consumers across the world… with the main focus being to ensure that the customer is at the heart of the process so that they get the features and benefits that they want. This may sound impressive or it may not, it really depends on your perspective, but the point is I'm not writing this to try and dazzle you with my past achievements (although I am definitely proud of many things I have accomplished), rather to give you a sense of who I am and why I do what I do.

What I will say is that throughout my career (which continues by the way) I have been exposed to and picked up a wide range of skills, many inter-related and others not so much. What most have in common is that technology and the internet have been at the heart of my entire career in some form or another and it's fair to say I am passionate about what it can enable people to achieve.

Here's a few more things about me that you should also know, before I carry on to talk about my vision for Lifestyle Business Expert:

  • I've started many ‘businesses' over the years, many of which have failed, others which have evolved into something else, but it's fair to say that I'm probably on the wrong side of the win/loss column at the moment
  • I enjoy my ‘career', I get the chance to influence and create the design of solutions that real customers will get their hands on and use, it's pretty cool and I get paid well to do it (I am worth it), but it has it's downsides with regards to time and freedom
  • I don't have a sad story to tell you about growing up poor and downtrodden, I've had plenty of opportunities in my life and grew up in a great family. I've travelled the world and been supported throughout my life by people who love me
  • I'm my harshest critic, much of the time my failures have come from setting unrealistic expectation, failing to live up to them and then throwing in the towel when the reality is there was nothing wrong with the system or training I was following
  • I love building stuff and creating things, sometimes too much as it's easy to get distracted on these tasks (which could easily be outsourced) instead of others that will arguably add more value to mine and other people's businesses

Beyond that there's plenty more I hope you will discover about me as you join me on this journey, speaking of which let's look at the vision I have for Lifestyle Business Expert to see how it might fit with your aspirations. On to the next section…

What's my vision for Lifestyle Business Expert?

Building a lifestyle business is not a simple process and there are a lot of opportunities out there for people looking to step away from the daily grind of a permanent job and a range of training systems designed to teach people the techniques required to be successful. There are also a wide range of skills that are relevant to anyone who is looking to leverage the power and reach of the internet to build an income that will replace their current jobs.

My goal for Lifestyle Business Expert is to work closely with people like you to understand what challenges you face when it comes to finding and developing your perfect lifestyle business and then provide training, support and build a community of people who come together to achieve their goals.

I believe that everyone can find the right niche for them and one size does not fit all, so I am not going to limit Lifestyle Business Expert to focusing on any one single business system or method for building a lifestyle/online business. After all your idea of ‘the ultimate lifestyle business' is going to differ considerably from mine and others, so why should I attempt to force you down a particular path, you need to find what works for you and I plan to help.

Now, depending on when you're reading this Lifestyle Business Expert may be focusing on one or many different lifestyle business methods, however in the early days the plan is to concentrate mainly on the affiliate marketing business model as this is one of the simplest systems to get set up in and start seeing results. It's also an area within which I have the most knowledge and understanding (for the time being) and an area where I have a range of contacts who I am planning to work with and learn from in order to pass on top tips and techniques.

As time passes however the plan is to expand beyond this market and tackle many others, including:

  • Product creation
  • Network marketing
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Kindle authoring
  • Blogging

And of course I want to hear from you if there are other businesses you are interested in where you would like support and or access to experts in those areas, get in touch and let me know so that I can help develop a better solution for your challenges.

But what do I get out of all this?

I imagine that's one of the first questions that came to mind when you read my goals for Lifestyle Business Expert and I can assure you that there is something in it for me. And you'd be right, I do want to develop this brand into something that provides me with the lifestyle that I am seeking, but you'd be wrong if you think that's all about the money it could end up providing for me.

Here's how I see things:

  • I too want to develop a ‘lifestyle business' that allows me to spend more time with my family and provide them with opportunities to have an incredible life, and yes financially there is a cost to all of that
  • There's more to life than money and some of the most fun I've had with my kids and wife have not been expensive, simple things like enjoying a family barbecue or being able to attend school plays or sports days are pretty amazing
  • I like helping people, there's something to be said for helping someone achieve their goals or providing a service to someone that they otherwise would be unable to do themselves (even if it's for free)
  • I have some unique skills and are lucky to have been able to pick up a lot of the technical aspects of business, some of which many people struggle with, so why shouldn't I put these to use for others?
  • Yes, I will offer services that will cost money and recommend others that will result in my earning a commission, so what? My promise is that I will deliver great value and only recommend services or products that do the same
  • You can choose to listen and work with me or not, you can share your views with me and I will listen, I firmly believe that there is still much to learn and it's my intention to continue doing so for a long time

Overall I hope to build a group of like-minded people who can learn and grow with one another, discover new ways of building our businesses and share in each other success, so feel free to join me on the ride… or don't I won't take it personally.

Next steps…

Well, I have plenty to do, regardless of whether you're here a few days, months or years after I first wrote this I will be working hard to create and provide value to anyone that chooses to visit and work with me.

There is much for me to continue to learn as the lifestyle/online business world evolves and new technologies come to the forefront. I have a family to be a part of and I'm sure you do too, after all when you get past thinking about the financial side of creating a lifestyle business you will find that there are many more reasons for doing what it is we do.

I hope you'll join me on this journey and reach out to me if you think I'm doing a good job (or a bad one, I'm happy to hear constructive criticism, it's how I learn too) and if course if there's anything I can do for you.

All the best,

Lifestyle Business Expert

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