Do You Think You've Got What It Takes?

by | Apr 9, 2017 | Lifestyle Business, Online Business | 0 comments

Do you think you've got what it takes to break free of the shackles of your J.O.B. and create a life for yourself that is not reliant on others determining whether you are good enough?

I'll be honest with you, at one point I didn't.

I was full of doubt about whether or not I had the time or had the energy or had the skills to change my life for the better.

There were so many so called ‘opportunities' being shouted about that I had no idea what I wanted to do or how I was going to do it.

And quite frankly that sucked.

So I tried a lot of things, got fooled by the promise of quick riches and discovered that the only people getting rich were the ones selling me product after product after product.

I nearly gave up.

I mean I work freelance and to be honest I make good money, it wasn't really about that for me.

So what made me stick around and keep at it?

Well for one thing I discovered that I'm fascinated by the whole concept of digital marketing, the process, the ads, creating campaigns, optimising it all…

And I finally discovered a group of people who actually gave a damn.

Look, I know it's hard to believe that anyone offering ‘online business' training actually cares about who they're dealing with, but I assure you these guys (and their team) do!

Now, full disclosure here, it didn't happen overnight, but it absolutely happened.

I took the opportunity to meet these people, face-to-face, and get to know them, find out about what makes them tick and why they do what they do.

And it was eye opening I can tell you.

I've never felt such a sense of familiarity with complete strangers, a real sense that we all had very similar goals and values.

So I hung in there, I invested in myself and I'm learning.

I do have what it takes and nobody is going to convince me otherwise.

My path will be different to yours and most others in this community, but it'll be my path, one that will take me to where I want to go.

So what about you?

Do you have what it takes to blaze your own path?

If you think you do, take a few minutes to check out who and what I am talking about… and if you're really brave submit an application.

Who knows what you'll find on the other side.

I'll certainly be there to welcome you!

Until next time… all the best.

Stefan is an experienced digital consultant who has spent 20+ years delivering customer centric solutions for blue chip companies. He is now focused on inspiring and supporting people who want to escape the rat race and create their own lifestyle business.

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